Rob Gooding

Phone: (902) 478.0967


Territory: Eastern Canada

Q&A with Rob:

Q: What instrument(s) do you play? A: Guitar

Q: What kind of gear do you use?  A: Hamer Guitars, various amps, and a wide array of other stuff depending on the gig.

Q: Favorite band or artist? A: Yes

Q: Favorite album? A: Dark Side Of The Moon

Q: Favorite food? A: Indian

Q: Favorite quote? A: I see my life in terms of music. (Einstein)

Q: What is the best live show you have ever been to? A: Styx-Grand Illusion tour 77

Q: If you could see any band or artist, dead or alive, who would it be? A: Shakti

Q: Musical guilty pleasure? A: 70s pop songs

Q: What is your D’Addario (or Evans, etc) product of choice? A: EXL115BT

Q: Favorite sports team(s)? A: NA

Q: The worst song ever written is? A: Music is good and I wouldn’t want to insult another’s taste out loud. Imagine is probably the best song ever written in my opinion.

Q: What website do you like to waste time on? (when at home, of course!) A: If I had time to waste I’d probably read a book.

Q: Beatles or Rolling Stones? A: Both

Q: Favorite D’Addario artist? A: Neil Peart