Evans Level 360 For Bass Drum

When Evans introduced it's Level 360 technology for tom and snare to the percussion world it was a revolutionary change that improved on an old concept. It only seemed logical that the next step would be for the Level 360 collar to change the face of bass drum heads as well. 

The Evans Level 360 for bass drum is designed with a steeper collar geometry which allows it to sit flush on any bearing edge. As a result of this evenness and ease of seating the tuning process has never been simpler. By merely tuning your bass drum "just above a wrinkle" or even tightening the lugs by hand you can begin to hear the tonal and resonant qualities of the drum head emerge. This feature means you can spend far less time tuning and far more time practicing, performing, or recording. 

The other key element of the Level 360 collar design is the wide tuning range it delivers. By making direct and even contact with the bearing edge of the bass drum the fundamental tone of the drum will shine through. The expanded tuning range helps accommodate any sound you are aiming for across the entire tonal spectrum. This improvement coupled with our Evans EMAD system gives every drummer the opportunity to bring a polished and studio ready sound to their bass drum without giving up durability or punch.

Test your knowledge and take our Level 360 bass drum head quiz here.