Introducing Promark Select Balance

Promark is enabling every drummer to show their stripes with our new Select Balance sticks. Promark Select Balance are the first sticks designed to cater to each player's preference and feel. 

Choosing a side...

The Select Balance line can be broken down first into our Forward Balance and Rebound Balance options. The Forward Balance offers a shorter taper leaving more weight at the front end of the stick to provide a more forward throwing feel. On the other end are the Rebound Balance sticks, which have a longer taper and hold more weight at the back end of the stick allowing the stick to do more of the work for you. 

What diameter works best? 

pro mark logo.jpg

After finding the balance that works best, the player can then choose from 5 of the industry's most popular stick diameters. From smallest to largest these diameters in inches are as follows.

  • .535" (7A)
  • .550" (Original Promark 5A)
  • .565" (Another common 5A size)
  • .580" (55A)
  • .595" (5B) 

These 5 diameters were specifically chosen to integrate the most popular stick options together with the revolutionary technology found within the Select Balance line. 

Other key features

Promark Select Balance sticks are currently available in hickory with a modified tear drop tip shape to provide maximum versatility throughout all playing styles. Each stick is put through a rigorous selection process where it is weighed and tone sorted to produce the best possible pair each time. Promark has the unique ability to oversee every step of production from choosing the raw lumber that is used to producing the final product seen in stores.