Evans Level 360 For Bass Drum

When Evans introduced it's Level 360 technology for tom and snare to the percussion world it was a revolutionary change that improved on an old concept. It only seemed logical that the next step would be for the Level 360 collar to change the face of bass drum heads as well. 

The Evans Level 360 for bass drum is designed with a steeper collar geometry which allows it to sit flush on any bearing edge. As a result of this evenness and ease of seating the tuning process has never been simpler. By merely tuning your bass drum "just above a wrinkle" or even tightening the lugs by hand you can begin to hear the tonal and resonant qualities of the drum head emerge. This feature means you can spend far less time tuning and far more time practicing, performing, or recording. 

The other key element of the Level 360 collar design is the wide tuning range it delivers. By making direct and even contact with the bearing edge of the bass drum the fundamental tone of the drum will shine through. The expanded tuning range helps accommodate any sound you are aiming for across the entire tonal spectrum. This improvement coupled with our Evans EMAD system gives every drummer the opportunity to bring a polished and studio ready sound to their bass drum without giving up durability or punch.

Test your knowledge and take our Level 360 bass drum head quiz here.

Introducing Promark Select Balance

Promark is enabling every drummer to show their stripes with our new Select Balance sticks. Promark Select Balance are the first sticks designed to cater to each player's preference and feel. 

Choosing a side...

The Select Balance line can be broken down first into our Forward Balance and Rebound Balance options. The Forward Balance offers a shorter taper leaving more weight at the front end of the stick to provide a more forward throwing feel. On the other end are the Rebound Balance sticks, which have a longer taper and hold more weight at the back end of the stick allowing the stick to do more of the work for you. 

What diameter works best? 

pro mark logo.jpg

After finding the balance that works best, the player can then choose from 5 of the industry's most popular stick diameters. From smallest to largest these diameters in inches are as follows.

  • .535" (7A)
  • .550" (Original Promark 5A)
  • .565" (Another common 5A size)
  • .580" (55A)
  • .595" (5B) 

These 5 diameters were specifically chosen to integrate the most popular stick options together with the revolutionary technology found within the Select Balance line. 

Other key features

Promark Select Balance sticks are currently available in hickory with a modified tear drop tip shape to provide maximum versatility throughout all playing styles. Each stick is put through a rigorous selection process where it is weighed and tone sorted to produce the best possible pair each time. Promark has the unique ability to oversee every step of production from choosing the raw lumber that is used to producing the final product seen in stores.

Level 360 - Hands On.

Well, as hands on as this stellar video can get...

As promised, we will continue our Level 360 campaign this month, complete with this video by our very own Percussion Product Specialists Ben Smith and Rob Caniglia.

If interested in obtaining some samples, continue to drop comments below and i'll be sure to be in touch!

Introducing Evans Level 360 - A D'Addario Innovation

We'd like to introduce you to Level 360 — the revolutionary new drumhead technology that's staking a claim for the freedom of drummers everywhere. Freedom to spend more time playing not tuning, jamming not cramming, and expressing themselves with tonal range like never before. From here on out, Evans drumheads will be leading the charge across the board into a new era of innovation & superior performance all-around — 360 degrees to be exact. 

Logo-Level 360.jpg

Over the next few months, the Percussion Blog will center-focus on Level 360, arming you will all the knowledge and information you need to spread the revolution. We're pretty confident you'll join as well! Be on the lookout for exclusive interviews with Evans artists and Product Specialists, as well as free samples to be had.

So what's this Level 360 all about, you ask?

Evans' proprietary Level 360 Technology (patent pending) collar design extends the level playing surface of the drumhead 360 degrees around the drum. The vertically enhanced collar design ensures balanced contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell, resulting in:

  • Ease of fit
  • Ease of tuning
  • Extended tuning range and quality of sound

Evans’ collar solves the age-old dilemma of traditional synthetic heads consistently not fitting a variety of drum shells without using force that subsequently chokes the responsiveness of the head and the drum’s performance. All 6-20" polyester film heads include the Level 360 collar.

Tune in to the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section. I'll be featuring some of these comments over the coming weeks and will make sure to reward those with some new heads for their kit!

Black Chrome

Designed and produced in the USA, Evans Black Chrome drumheads are engineered to deliver the optimal combination of deep tone, focused sustain and extreme durability you need for hard-hitting progressive and metal drumming.


Evans' engineering and design teams were focused on discovering the perfect combination of materials for Black Chrome. They experimented with unique film pairings, custom adhesives, and out-of-the-box design concepts to produce a drumhead of superior tone and durability. What they found was that pairing a 7mil clear top over a 7.5mil black bottom, the sleek and unique 2-ply design adds plenty of body and deep tone to support the natural high-frequency attack of high-impact drumming. This also results in a black-mirror finish, lending some serious attitude to your music. 

A few artists now using Black Chrome include Tomas Haake of Meshuggah, Jordan Mancino of As I Lay Dying, and Joe Rickard of Red.

Don't just take our word for it; below are 5 key selling features and a video. Follow the link at the end of this post, answer the questions, and we'll send you some to try out! (Limited to the first 50 responses) *This promotion has ended. Thanks to all who participated.*

Selling Features:

  1. Seriously Deep: Designed for heavy-hitting progressive and metal drumming.
  2. Unique 2-ply construction: 7mil optically clear film over 7.5mil black film.
  3. Black, mirror-like appearance.
  4. Extreme durability while sounding new long after installation.
  5. Available in sizes 6"-20" for all toms.

For high-resolution images click here.

For an official fact sheet click here.