Nigel Roopnarine

Phone: (905) 947.9595 / 800.268.6855


Territory: Head Office

Q: What instrument(s) do you play? A: Electric Bass 4, 5 string and fretless , acoustic and electric guitars, and for personal amusement - keyboards, Venezuelan Cuatro, steel drums, Indian and Caribbean percussion, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and glissentar.  

Q: What kind of gear do you use? A: Got a few Fender Jazz Basses - 2 Mexicans and and 1 Japanese, Lado Custom Shop P-Bass, Washburn Fretless, 1994 Carvin Bunney Brunel 5 String, Ibanez SR490, Vintage BeaverCreek acoustic bass - BCB05, 1992 Takamine TS-50C, 1970 Yamaha SA500, Godin Classical, Squier 51 Tele reissue, Spector/Kramer guitar with a Real Floyd Rose! - This list will have to stop here…  

Q: Favorite band or artist? A: For me anything funky or groovy - currently… I'm listening to Maverick Sabre - he's from the UK - the genre is soul/funk/reggae

Q: Favorite album? A: The Royal Scam - Steely Dan 1976 - because Larry Carlton, Chuck Rainy and Bernard Purdie are musical kings among men

Q: Favorite food? A: I'm a vegetarian - (but Not A Vegan) - Anything Indian, Italian or Caribbean - its got to be spicy!

Q: Funniest moment at D’Addario? A: Every moment has been fun so far - but paging myself over the p.a. system was priceless…      

Q: Favorite quote? A:                       

            1. "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude" Zig Ziglar
            2. "Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings"  Zig Ziglar

Q: What is the best live show you have ever been to? A: "The Rhythm River" - David Rudder/Andy Narell and Mungal Pattisar at The Humming Bird Theater - Toronto

Q: If you could see any band or artist, dead or alive, who would it be? A: James Brown  - Live at the Apollo 1963 (ranked number 25 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time)

Q: Musical guilty pleasure? A: Indian Classical and Fusion Jazz                  

Q: What is your D’Addario (or Evans, etc) product of choice? A: EXP170-5SL for my Carvin

Q: You are the self-proclaimed A: GearHead

Q: Favorite sports team(s)? A: Toronto Argonauts - Best football team in Canada - 3 downs is for real men - and they can play in the snow!

Q: The worst song ever written is? A: "Because I Got High" by AfroMan - really… such a bad influence on dem youths

Q: What website do you like to waste time on? (when at home, of course!) A: TopGear - both the British and American version

Q: Beatles or Rolling Stones? A: The Beatles 1000%

Q: Favorite D’Addario artist? A: It’s a 4 way tie - John Pattittuci, Victor Wooten, Rez Abbasi, Robben Ford

Q: What member of the sales department likes to look at himself in the mirror the most? A: Hmm… That could be me…

Q: If you had to join any band or perform with any artist - who would it be? A: Dire Straits