Kaplan Viola Strings


Last week, the sales team got a first-hand look at the new Kaplan Viola sets. We're all excited to now offer one of one of the most sought-after, balanced Viola sets on the market and thought we'd tell you all about it. 

Offering a beautiful, rich tonal palette and superb bowing response characteristics - the Kaplan viola set is aimed at the most discerning professional musicians. These sets provide clarity and warmth across registers, and versatility throughout the dynamic spectrum, allowing top-level players the control, expression, and worry-free playing experience they demand.

Building on the success of the Kaplan Viola A strings, the Kaplan viola set adds a new and complimentary D, G, and C-string component. Kaplan Viola set and singles are available in medium and heavy tensions, long scale. A light tension A-string is available as a single string only. 

Sales Tip: As per D'Addario's Orchestral Product Specialist, Liz Benoit Crew, the most commonly asked question she's received at educator shows is "how is this different from Helicore?"  Liz's answer - "the Kaplan viola set provides an extremely easy bow response, known to those already familiar with the Helicore viola set. Additionally, Kaplan Viola offers both greater projection and a wider tonal palette of sound, giving discerning musicians a broader range of expression.

Play viola? If so - we've got 20 sample sets available to the first to answer the questions following the selling features and video! 

Selling Features:

  1. Developed in partnership with professional violists around the world.
  2. Viola, being a bigger instrument than violin, makes it inherently more difficult to get around. Kaplans have a very quick bow response, which provides additional ease of playing. Less energy spent on bowing = more energy put toward musical expression.
  3. Combines the perfect amount of warmth and richness with clarity and focus. 
  4. Tone is balanced and matched across the set. No struggling with strings that sound drastically different, or mixing/matching different string sets. Balanced and matched tone gives you better intonation and a more worry-free playing experience.