John Pizzirusso

Phone: 800.323.2746 x 222


Q&A with John Pizz:

Q: What instrument(s) do you play? A: Guitar, keys, horns, and drums.

Q: Favorite band or artist? A: Def Leppard

Q: Favorite album: A: Hysteria

Q: Funniest moment at D'Addario? A: Performing “Superfreak” with our sales manager at the company Christmas party.

Q: Favorite Quote: A: “Sometimes you fail miserably and have to eat Chinese food.”

Q: If you could see any band or artist, dead or alive, who would it be? A: Van “Hagar” circa 1989.

Q: What member of the sales department likes to look at himself in the mirror the most? A: Campaiola

Q: The worst song ever written is? A: "Friday" by Rebecca Black

Q: Musical guilty pleasure? A: Hair metal.

Q: You are the self-proclaimed _______________________? A: Swag King.