D'Addario FlexSteels: You Slap. They Punch.

D'Addario is proud to introduce our latest technological breakthrough with our new FlexSteels for bass. By combining a harmonic-rich steel alloy with a specially formulated core to wrap ratio FlexSteels deliver unmatched consistency and feel with an extended string life.


Designed with slap and fingerstyle players in mind, these strings are tailor fitted to deliver the punch and balance a player demands. The "Flex" in FlexSteels means unparalleled flexibility across each string allowing them to work with you for more articulate passages while maintaining the signature punch that slap players seek. This is all delivered without sacrificing the focused but dynamic lower range. Available in 4, 5, and 6 string configurations, the FlexSteels have an option to fit every bassist. (Learn more here)

The most valuable selling feature of the new FlexSteels line is the remarkable consistency from one set to the next. Using the most technologically advanced machinery in the industry the D'Addario FlexSteels set a new standard for consistency, pliability, and precision intonation within the world of bass. 

Ask a team member:

D'Addario Account Executive and resident bass guru Andrew Moore had this to say about the FlexSteels, "The new FlexSteels give me the ability to cut through the mix when I need to, but give me the round and full low end I need to keep the band in the pocket. On top of that, the flexible feel is really easy on my hands compared to the round core steel strings I formally used for my slap playing."

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