D'Addario / Planet Waves NS Artist Capo


We recently had a chance to sit down and discuss the new NS Artist Capo with D'Addario Accessories Product Manager, Rob Cunningham. He provided us with some of the key aspects that set the NS Artist Capo apart within the front facing capo market.

Q: What are the main features of the NS Artist Capo?

A: The Artist Capo has the unique advantage of being a trigger style capo with a micrometer to dial in the exact tension necessary for the guitar it's being used on. The geometry of the capo allows for ease of opening with one hand and the front facing setup doesn't obstruct a guitarists fretting hand. 

Artist Capo.jpg

Q: How is the NS Artist Capo designed to be player friendly in a live setting?

A: Another great aspect of the micrometer is that it allows for precise tension to be applied evenly across all strings. Some of the other popular front facing capos often apply excess pressure to the neck of the guitar pulling the strings sharp, whereas the NS Artist Capo avoids side-pulling and maintains the proper amount of pressure on the fretboard and keeps the guitar in tune.

Q:  Lastly, what are some helpful selling points when discussing the NS Artist Capo?

A: The most important point to highlight is that the Artist Capo was engineered to maximize the ease of use while maintaining tuning. The intent was to keep all of the great aspects of our other capo designs, but make them available for the player that prefers a front facing position. It also offers a mounting clip for use with NS Micro Headstock Tuner, which makes it a great companion product.

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