Places For Picks

You know that guitarist who ends up crawling on the floor mid-song searching for his dropped pick? We’ve all seen it. I for one have done it…embarrassing. D’Addario now offers two solutions to keep that nightmarish situation at bay:


The Mic. Stand Pick Holder:


  • Attaches easily to any microphone stand so you always have plenty of picks on hand (yes, that means you “butter-fingers”).
  • Features not one, but two pick holding channels to fit twice the amount of picks as competing models.
  • Item #: PW-MPH-01



Pick Holder:

  • The pick holder conveniently holds up to 5 picks in an easy-to-use dispenser design.
  • The included ‘hook & loop’ tab makes it easy to attach the holder to any surface so you always have picks nearby; ideal for the back of your headstock.
  • Item #: PW-PH-01


Thanks to all who checked out this post and were able to receive a sample while I still had them! We would love to hear what you think so post away in the comments section.