Black Nylon Tapewound Strings


Bass players: haven't we all fawned over that classic McCartney, Abbey Road tone at one point? Well, we certainly have here at D'Addario - so much so that our product development and engineering teams set out to emulate that distinctive rich sound. 

The result? Our Black Nylon Tapewound strings. What goes into this process, you ask? First we wind the string using a flattened black nylon. The string is then polished to an ultra-smooth finish. Not only do these strings produce a deep, warm, tone - but the smooth feel against your fingers, and fretboard make for a great play. 

These sets are available for long, medium, and short scale bass (50-105), as well as a 5-string version (50-135).

Key Selling Features: 

  1. Wound using a flattened black nylon
  2. Polished to an ultra-smooth finish  
  3. Warm, deep tone