NS Micro Tuner

At a stealthy 1.25 inches, it's the best performance they'll never see. 


We've made a few tweaks to the model (PW-CT-12) in an effort to perfect the tuning process for you:

It's Easy on the Eyes

The easy-to-read, Tri-Color backlit screen displays the note in red when out of tune, yellow when close, and green when in tune. This allows the player to accurately tune with a quick glance at the display — even on dark stages or in direct sunlight.

Ultimate Versatility

The NS Micro features a 360 degree swivel mechanism that allows the tuner to be equally effective on both left and right-handed guitars while the reversible screen allows mounting on either the front or back of the headstock. These features provide the optimal viewing angle on the widest array of guitars and instruments. A newly designed rubberized padded clamp ensures no damage is done to the instrument while in use.

Professional Accuracy without Complications

The included CR2032 battery powers the unit for hours and hours on end. The auto-off function preserves the battery by turning the tuner off after several minutes of no signal. A visual metronome provides the player with additional practice means. 

So, here's what we are going to do this month... 

Have an obtrusive, inconsistent tuner you are currently working with? Snap us a picture of the tuner on your instrument and we will be selecting our favorites to receive a free NS Micro. Feel free to make them as comical (or serious) as you want. Email to training@daddario.com