XL Packaging... They Are a-Changin'

Greetings! As you may have already seen, D'Addario has begun rolling out our XL-packaging as part of a larger corporate re-branding initiative for 2013 and beyond. We're all very excited to share this new packaging with our loyal players and can't do it without your support.

For our customers with websites, please use the following link to download all the new images for the corresponding sets: https://daddario.box.com/s/dyamceko23m0fgzd38z7

If you have any questions or run into any issues, feel free to contact D'Addario's E-Commerce Project Manager and all-around stud, Pete Cerone (peter.cerone@daddario.com).

Let's have a look at some of these packaging changes, ay?

As you will see, we've preserved the iconography of the "XL circle" on the front of the packaging - with a bit of refresh. Our new corporate logo, as well as some additional changes to the content layout stand against some new photography for a true player-lifestyle feel. On the back and inner flaps, we've also added some additional information about the set, components, and various wrap and materials D'Addario uses:

We'd love to hear what you think! Drop us a line in the comments section below. Be sure to include your store name so we can have a rep get in touch. Thanks!