D'Addario FlexSteels: You Slap. They Punch.

D'Addario is proud to introduce our latest technological breakthrough with our new FlexSteels for bass. By combining a harmonic-rich steel alloy with a specially formulated core to wrap ratio FlexSteels deliver unmatched consistency and feel with an extended string life.


Designed with slap and fingerstyle players in mind, these strings are tailor fitted to deliver the punch and balance a player demands. The "Flex" in FlexSteels means unparalleled flexibility across each string allowing them to work with you for more articulate passages while maintaining the signature punch that slap players seek. This is all delivered without sacrificing the focused but dynamic lower range. Available in 4, 5, and 6 string configurations, the FlexSteels have an option to fit every bassist. (Learn more here)

The most valuable selling feature of the new FlexSteels line is the remarkable consistency from one set to the next. Using the most technologically advanced machinery in the industry the D'Addario FlexSteels set a new standard for consistency, pliability, and precision intonation within the world of bass. 

Ask a team member:

D'Addario Account Executive and resident bass guru Andrew Moore had this to say about the FlexSteels, "The new FlexSteels give me the ability to cut through the mix when I need to, but give me the round and full low end I need to keep the band in the pocket. On top of that, the flexible feel is really easy on my hands compared to the round core steel strings I formally used for my slap playing."

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D'Addario / Planet Waves NS Artist Capo


We recently had a chance to sit down and discuss the new NS Artist Capo with D'Addario Accessories Product Manager, Rob Cunningham. He provided us with some of the key aspects that set the NS Artist Capo apart within the front facing capo market.

Q: What are the main features of the NS Artist Capo?

A: The Artist Capo has the unique advantage of being a trigger style capo with a micrometer to dial in the exact tension necessary for the guitar it's being used on. The geometry of the capo allows for ease of opening with one hand and the front facing setup doesn't obstruct a guitarists fretting hand. 

Artist Capo.jpg

Q: How is the NS Artist Capo designed to be player friendly in a live setting?

A: Another great aspect of the micrometer is that it allows for precise tension to be applied evenly across all strings. Some of the other popular front facing capos often apply excess pressure to the neck of the guitar pulling the strings sharp, whereas the NS Artist Capo avoids side-pulling and maintains the proper amount of pressure on the fretboard and keeps the guitar in tune.

Q:  Lastly, what are some helpful selling points when discussing the NS Artist Capo?

A: The most important point to highlight is that the Artist Capo was engineered to maximize the ease of use while maintaining tuning. The intent was to keep all of the great aspects of our other capo designs, but make them available for the player that prefers a front facing position. It also offers a mounting clip for use with NS Micro Headstock Tuner, which makes it a great companion product.

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#YearOfTheCapo Kick Off Promotion | iPad Giveaway

D'Addario/Planet Waves offers a diverse line of capos and we want to see how you can creatively show them off. During the next 2 months, submit a photo of your display and be entered to win an iPad 2 for your store!

- Display must be dedicated to D'Addario/Planet Waves Capos

- All entries must be in by March 31st to qualify / Official drawing to be held on or around April 4th

- Open to US, Canada, Australia, and UK dealers only

- Entries must be submitted to training@daddario.com along with store name and contact information

D'Addario/Planet Waves Nylpro Picks

We'd like to introduce you to Nylpro picks. Made in the USA, these two-sided,  jazz shaped guitar picks feature an authentic D'Addario 'D-Mark' grip pattern for added control and articulation. The injection-molded, extra-heavy, 1.44m thickness produces a warm tone upon string attack. 

Nylpro picks are available in a 10, 25, and 100 pack. An official fact sheet can be accessed here, providing you with and and all assets needed for ordering.  

D'Addario's European Sales Specialist, Mike Smale gave these a video test run for you. Have a look, and if you'd like to try some yourself, follow the link below and answer a few questions. The first 50 responses will get a free 10-pack!  

Places For Picks

You know that guitarist who ends up crawling on the floor mid-song searching for his dropped pick? We’ve all seen it. I for one have done it…embarrassing. D’Addario now offers two solutions to keep that nightmarish situation at bay:


The Mic. Stand Pick Holder:


  • Attaches easily to any microphone stand so you always have plenty of picks on hand (yes, that means you “butter-fingers”).
  • Features not one, but two pick holding channels to fit twice the amount of picks as competing models.
  • Item #: PW-MPH-01



Pick Holder:

  • The pick holder conveniently holds up to 5 picks in an easy-to-use dispenser design.
  • The included ‘hook & loop’ tab makes it easy to attach the holder to any surface so you always have picks nearby; ideal for the back of your headstock.
  • Item #: PW-PH-01


Thanks to all who checked out this post and were able to receive a sample while I still had them! We would love to hear what you think so post away in the comments section. 



NS Micro Tuner

At a stealthy 1.25 inches, it's the best performance they'll never see. 


We've made a few tweaks to the model (PW-CT-12) in an effort to perfect the tuning process for you:

It's Easy on the Eyes

The easy-to-read, Tri-Color backlit screen displays the note in red when out of tune, yellow when close, and green when in tune. This allows the player to accurately tune with a quick glance at the display — even on dark stages or in direct sunlight.

Ultimate Versatility

The NS Micro features a 360 degree swivel mechanism that allows the tuner to be equally effective on both left and right-handed guitars while the reversible screen allows mounting on either the front or back of the headstock. These features provide the optimal viewing angle on the widest array of guitars and instruments. A newly designed rubberized padded clamp ensures no damage is done to the instrument while in use.

Professional Accuracy without Complications

The included CR2032 battery powers the unit for hours and hours on end. The auto-off function preserves the battery by turning the tuner off after several minutes of no signal. A visual metronome provides the player with additional practice means. 

So, here's what we are going to do this month... 

Have an obtrusive, inconsistent tuner you are currently working with? Snap us a picture of the tuner on your instrument and we will be selecting our favorites to receive a free NS Micro. Feel free to make them as comical (or serious) as you want. Email to training@daddario.com

Black Nylon Tapewound Strings


Bass players: haven't we all fawned over that classic McCartney, Abbey Road tone at one point? Well, we certainly have here at D'Addario - so much so that our product development and engineering teams set out to emulate that distinctive rich sound. 

The result? Our Black Nylon Tapewound strings. What goes into this process, you ask? First we wind the string using a flattened black nylon. The string is then polished to an ultra-smooth finish. Not only do these strings produce a deep, warm, tone - but the smooth feel against your fingers, and fretboard make for a great play. 

These sets are available for long, medium, and short scale bass (50-105), as well as a 5-string version (50-135).

Key Selling Features: 

  1. Wound using a flattened black nylon
  2. Polished to an ultra-smooth finish  
  3. Warm, deep tone


XL Packaging... They Are a-Changin'

Greetings! As you may have already seen, D'Addario has begun rolling out our XL-packaging as part of a larger corporate re-branding initiative for 2013 and beyond. We're all very excited to share this new packaging with our loyal players and can't do it without your support.

For our customers with websites, please use the following link to download all the new images for the corresponding sets: https://daddario.box.com/s/dyamceko23m0fgzd38z7

If you have any questions or run into any issues, feel free to contact D'Addario's E-Commerce Project Manager and all-around stud, Pete Cerone (peter.cerone@daddario.com).

Let's have a look at some of these packaging changes, ay?

As you will see, we've preserved the iconography of the "XL circle" on the front of the packaging - with a bit of refresh. Our new corporate logo, as well as some additional changes to the content layout stand against some new photography for a true player-lifestyle feel. On the back and inner flaps, we've also added some additional information about the set, components, and various wrap and materials D'Addario uses:

We'd love to hear what you think! Drop us a line in the comments section below. Be sure to include your store name so we can have a rep get in touch. Thanks!

American Stage Cables

USA Made. To some, they're just words. To us, they're unlimited potential. 

Of course, we could have our products made cheaper in other parts of the world. But the fact is, we prefer to oversee our manufacturing, not oversea them. Since strict quality control is what we require and you deserve, our hand selected local talent have given us the leading global edge. And the only way our products are able to live up to such superior performance? Two invaluable words: USA Made. 

American Stage delivers a professional performance cable like never before - providing the musician with pure, natural tone no matter how vigorously you play.


American Stage cables are precision engineered and expertly assembled in our New York facility. We begin with a premium, audiophile cable manufactured in the USA and add pro quality connectors built by Neutrik to Planet Waves’ custom specifications. Unique engineering and cutting-edge technology combine to create a cable that will exceed the most demanding expectations. The American Stage instrument cable is built from the ground up to ensure that nothing comes between you and your tone. Our custom design wire reproduces full lows and rich highs, accurately transferring your true tone with clarity and noise free operation.

Our exclusive 360 degree solder process utilizes modern micro flame technology and specially formulated RoHS compliant solder to create a permanent bond between wire and connector. This provides a superior connection and powerful strain relief for even the most vigorous of musicians without sacrificing any tone.


The American Stage cable comes with our innovative patented GeoTip which provides and seamless and secure connection between your guitar and amp.

American Stage Cables are now available in:

  • Instrument - 10ft. 15ft. 20ft. 30ft.
  • Right Angle to Straight - 10ft. 20ft.
  • Right Angle to Right Angle - 10ft. 20ft.
  • Microphone - 10ft. 25ft.

Selling Features:

  1. Geo-Tip: exclusive patented tip design for improved fit in all jacks
  2. Exclusive In=Out technology: the signal you put into it is the signal you get out of it
  3. In-Line solder joints for superior conductivity and strength
  4. Neutrik made plugs built to Planet Waves' patented design
  5. Limited lifetime warranty

XL Balanced Tension String Sets

We call it math. You'll call it music. Available for guitar and bass, D’Addario Balanced Tension sets are comprised of mathematically optimized string gauge combinations, resulting in greater control and playing comfort. Combined with the distinctive bright tone of XL nickel wound strings, each set offers greater dynamic control and a more consistent feel between strings.


D'Addario Balanced Tension XL strings are the solution to a problem long associated with traditional strings. The standard set gauges we've all come to know and love were developed decades ago through trial and error with little regard for technical logic. When you look closely at the tensions in a traditional set, they can vary dramatically between strings, which can result in some strings feeling "tighter" or "looser" in relation to the others. These differences in tension can contribute to players altering their techniques, consciously or subconsciously, to compensate for these variances. 

For decades, D'Addario has printed string tensions on our packaging and over ten years ago, we published the "String Tension Guide" to educate players on the many factors that determine the actual and perceived string tension on your instrument. This guide has become the standard reference for curious players and technical enthusiasts. Over the years the guide has led to hundreds of inquiries via email, social media and discussion forums from players with questions or problems to solve related to string gauges and tension. To address the ever growing interest, our team of engineers turned a music problem into a math problem and created our new Balanced Tension XL sets, the ultimate solution.

Selling Features:

Through extensive, detailed, and comprehensive testing, the performance advantages you'll experience with D'Addario Balanced Tension XL sets over traditional strings are as follows:

• Based on traditional gauges, but optimized for "balanced tension" between strings

• Mathematically equalized resistance delivers comparable feel from string to string

• Even effort while bending, strumming, plucking and slapping delivers improved dynamic control

XL Balanced Tension Sets are available in 3 Electric Guitar and 3 Electric Bass options. Below you will find tension charts, highlighting differentials between standard and balanced sets in the product offering:


Tri Action Capo

Available in black or silver, this lightweight, fully adjustable capo is a must-have for the performing guitarist. The patent-pending Tri-Action geometry assures buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret. How does this work, you ask?  Well, we've reduced the force required to open and close the capo. Straight, up-and-down tension is applied to the fretboard, eliminating any "side-pulling" of your strings - a major cause in slipping out of tune during or after capo use. Much like it's Dual-Action predecessor, the Tri-Action capo's sleek, ergonomic design is lightweight and non-obtrusive to the player and audience. 

Design-mastermind Ned Steinberger affirms: “The die-cast aluminum Tri-Action capo is a fine precision tool: strong, light, and easy to use, with adjustable spring tension for precise intonation.” 

Don't just take our word for it; below are 5 key selling features and a video. Follow the link at the end of this post, answer the questions, and we'll send you one to try out! (Limited to the first 75 responses) This month's video features D'Addario's Nashville-based Artist Relations rep, Tom Spaulding. Be sure to follow Tom and his backstage travels here. *This promotion has ended / thanks to all who participated.*

Selling Features:

  1. Single hand, easy to operate Tri-Action Geometry reduces force required to open and close the capo and applies even tension to neck.
  2. Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret.
  3. Lightweight aluminum construction adds negligible weight to the neck of the instrument.
  4. Designed for 6-string electric and acoustic guitars.
  5. Features an integrated pick holder and is a Ned Steinberger design.

Sales Tip: As seen in this month's video, the intro to "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles is the perfect, well-known song to demo a capo! See tab here.

For high-resolution images click here.

For an official fact sheet click here.