Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

As vintage mouthpieces become more expensive and increasingly rare, clarinetists are running out of options for well-made, great-sounding mouthpieces. Reserve mouthpieces are the answer. They give every player access to the inspiring vintage tone they need to sound their best.

To create the world's first 100% precision-milled, vintage-inspired clarinet mouthpieces, you need three things: a team of the nation's foremost clarinetists and craftsmen, a company dedicated to technological innovation, and the unwavering determination to build something legendary. The Reserve mouthpieces were developed during a multi-year campaign that required constant problem solving, a single-minded commitment to perfection, and astonishing feats of technology. 

Cutting-edge technology is at the core of the Reserve mouthpieces, and every product made by Rico and D'Addario. Reserve mouthpieces are milled, not molded, from solid rubber rods. This is how mouthpieces were made back in the good old days—when vintage mouthpieces were just mouthpieces. Milling from solid rubber affords ultimate control over every aspect of mouthpiece design and ensures the greatest production consistency. Today, most mouthpieces are made from molded blanks, which can produce inconsistent results. 

Preeminent clarinetists including Mark Nuccio and Richie Hawley—with their mastery of the instrument, passion for vintage mouthpieces and experience developing Reserve reeds—were tapped as artistic advisors for the Reserve mouthpiece project. As their innovative ideas, concepts and requirements unfolded, Rico and D'Addario hired dedicated machinists and engineers to turn these ideas into realities. Lee Livengood —who is famous for his artisanal handmade mouthpieces—jumped at the chance to oversee production and help bring this superior new mouthpiece to life. 

Reserve mouthpieces are rooted in vintage design but are produced using ultra-modern methods. This blend of old and new allows the Reserve mouthpieces to offer an unparalleled evenness in the tone—a mouthpiece characteristic clarinetists have been chasing since the dawn of the instrument. 

Below are 5 key selling features and video. Follow the link at the end of this post, answer the questions, and we'll send you a 20% off code for any Reserve Mouthpiece!

Selling Features:

  1. Reserve mouthpieces are milled, not molded, from solid rubber rods to ensure consistency. 
  2. Designed and produced in USA to the most precise tolerances. 
  3. Zero handwork for maximum consistency
  4. Designed in cooperation with top clarinetists, craftsmen & engineers.
  5. Reserve mouthpieces are available in close (1.00mm), medium (1.05mm), and medium open (1.10mm) facings.