XL Balanced Tension String Sets


We call it math. You'll call it music. Available for guitar and bass, D’Addario Balanced Tension sets are comprised of mathematically optimized string gauge combinations, resulting in greater control and playing comfort. Combined with the distinctive bright tone of XL nickel wound strings, each set offers greater dynamic control and a more consistent feel between strings.

D'Addario Balanced Tension XL strings are the solution to a problem long associated with traditional strings. The standard set gauges we've all come to know and love were developed decades ago through trial and error with little regard for technical logic. When you look closely at the tensions in a traditional set, they can vary dramatically between strings, which can result in some strings feeling "tighter" or "looser" in relation to the others. These differences in tension can contribute to players altering their techniques, consciously or subconsciously, to compensate for these variances. 

For decades, D'Addario has printed string tensions on our packaging and over ten years ago, we published the "String Tension Guide" to educate players on the many factors that determine the actual and perceived string tension on your instrument. This guide has become the standard reference for curious players and technical enthusiasts. Over the years the guide has led to hundreds of inquiries via email, social media and discussion forums from players with questions or problems to solve related to string gauges and tension. To address the ever growing interest, our team of engineers turned a music problem into a math problem and created our new Balanced Tension XL sets, the ultimate solution.

Selling Features:

Through extensive, detailed, and comprehensive testing, the performance advantages you'll experience with D'Addario Balanced Tension XL sets over traditional strings are as follows:

• Based on traditional gauges, but optimized for "balanced tension" between strings

• Mathematically equalized resistance delivers comparable feel from string to string

• Even effort while bending, strumming, plucking and slapping delivers improved dynamic control

XL Balanced Tension Sets are available in 3 Electric Guitar and 3 Electric Bass options. Below you will find tension charts, highlighting differentials between standard and balanced sets in the product offering:

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