Zyex Violin, Viola, & Bass

Selling Points

  • Feature a redesigned Zyex synthetic core that allows for a warm, projected tone with gut-like richness for pizzicato and bowing

  • Well balanced strings that feature a wide range of tonal possibilities

  • Zyex Bass set is ideal for Jazz and offers outstanding pizzicato attacks and sustain, along with a superb bowing response

Direct Competitors

  • Evah Pirazzi

  • Thomastik Dominant and Vision

  • Pirastro Obligato and Tonica

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • If a shop (or school) is looking to improve the sound of their rental fleet without buying new instruments, using bulk Zyex strings can warm up their sound for a fraction of the cost. 

  • Zyex offers a high quality sound for a lower price than most of our competitors.  This can give our customers a reason to push our product against the comparison by giving them more margin per set of by offering their customer a better value.

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