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Reserve Clarinet Mouthpiece

Selling Points

  • Suited for clarinetists of all ages and abilities, with 4 facings available X0, X5, X10, X10E

  • Milled - not molded - to the highest tolerances

  • Offers unprecedented consistency from mouthpiece to mouthpiece, eliminating the need to try many before purchase

  • Accurate intonation and a rich, vintage inspired tone

  • Ease of response and articulation, without sacrificing core in the sound

  • Improved evenness throughout the range of the clarinet

  • Modeled after the sought-after vintage mouthpieces made in the 1930s and 1940s

Direct Competitors

  • X0 - M13/M13 Lyre, M15

  • X5 - 5RV, 5RV Lyre

  • X10 - 5RV Lyre, M30, M30 Lyre

  • X10E - B40/B40 Lyre

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  •     Having a conversation with the right person is imperative to increased sales with this product.  First, talking with the School Rep or Woodwinds instructor directly (if they offer clarinet lessons) can in some cases offer more value than talking with the buyer.

  •  Once talking with the right person, make sure they know that our mouthpieces are the most consistent, milled hard rubber mouthpiece on the market and is modeled after the sought after vintage mouthpieces that can be very expensive and hard to find.

  • Offer samples/demo kits to make sure they can get a chance to try the mouthpieces in order to recommend them to their students/band directors

  • Often getting a student to try an X0 if they are used to a more open and resistant mouthpiece can change their playing experience to be a more productive, positive experience.  This will keep more students engaged in music, for a longer period of time.  Try to get road reps to do this with Band directors and their students.  The results will speak for themselves.

  • Make sure to know where our mouthpieces fit against the competitions products.  If they are currently recommending a 5RV Lyre, know what options in our line would be the closest to that(X5 or X10). 

  •  Know which of our mouthpieces is easiest to get a quality tone out of for beginners (X0 & X5) and why (offers the closest facing and the least resistance allowing the student to articulate with ease).  

Industry Reviews

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