NS Micro Tuner

Selling Points

  • Built in visual metronome

  • Tri-color display to help define in tune, close to tune, and out of tune.

  • New even smaller design makes it easier for you to use and harder for the crowd to see

  • Reduced price point with the same retail means better margin and more value for our customers

  • Available in single units and as a twin pack

  • Screen flips to allow placement on whichever side of the head stock is preferred.

Direct Competitors

  • Snark SN-1, SN-2, SN-8 Son of Snark

  • Korg Pitch Clip

  • Intellitouch

  • Fender FT-004

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • Summer NAMM 2013 Best in Show winner

  • Fits neatly behind the headstock so the crowd will never see it

  • Better margins on the new design

  • Full power of our marketing campaign meant to drive consumers to purchase

  • Our market study shows that consumers purchase more than one Micro half the time they make a purchase,(this is why we released the twin pack).

Industry Reviews:

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Micro tuner POP kit

Micro tuner POP kit

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