Evans Level360

What is it?

An innovative collar design on all tom, snare heads, batter, resonant, 6''-20'', concert and marching heads

Selling Points

  • Steeper collar angle ensures balanced contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell

  • Balanced contact 360 degrees around for ease of tuning and enhanced quality of sound

  • Roll -over hoop provides strength and stability without diminishing performance

  • Extended Tuning Range resulting in higher levels of responsiveness and resonance.

Direct Competitors

  • Aquarian Modern/American Vintage - This head boasts a wider than normal diameter in order to fit easily on Vintage drums

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • Demonstrations that show the level fit 360 degrees around the bearing edge of a drum shell surprise consumers and customers alike with how easy they fit on a wide array of drums 

  • Strong marketing online and in print advertising to drive consumer demand to purchase

  • Featured product display with a small buy-in that connects the dots from our marketing to the in-store display

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