Kaplan Viola, Cello, & Bass

Selling Points

  • Made for the most discerning professional musicians

  • Offer a beautiful, rich tonal palette and superb bow response

  • Provides clarity and warmth across registers  

  • Gives players control and unparalleled versatility throughout the dynamic spectrum

  • Gives players an option to use a full set from one string manufacturer, when in some cases they have been using mix and match sets from a couple different manufacturers.

Direct Competitors 

  • Thomastik Dominant, Vision, Bel Canto

  • Evah Pirazzi

  • Thomastik Vision

  • Pirastro Obligato, Fexocor

  • Spirocore

  • Larsen

  • Jargar

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • Bridging the gap between schools and stores or orchestras and stores is often the best way to get the sale

  • Using Kaplan as a way to "dress up" instruments that have been slow to turn over will improve the chances that instrument will sell (sometimes even at a higher price)

  • Special edition T-shirts bundled with a Kaplan set available for a limited time

Industry Reviews

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