Flex Steels Bass Strings

Selling Points

  • Round sound with strong, solid, and punchy fundamentals

  • Flexible feel optimized primarily for finger style and slap players

  • Stainless steel core and wrap wire with a totally unique core to wrap ratio to give it the flexible and more balanced feel as well as the round, full low end with punchy and clear mids and trebles.

Direct Competitors

  • DR Marcus Miller Signature, Hi Beams, Bootsy Collins Signature, Lo Rider

  • GHS Bass Boomers

  • Rotosound Swing 66

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • This is the most innovative addition to our bass string lineup in the history of the company.  

  • We launched a full scale advertising campaign intended to drive consumers to purchase.

  • Sampling Flex Steels to the bass instructor or getting a set on a bass in the shop so consumers can try the set before they purchase has helped sell through and turnover 

  • Making sure the clerks behind the counter know what the difference in sound and feel is between Flex Steels and a standard XL nickel wound set and how they stack up to the major competitors.


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