Balanced Tension Guitar & Bass Strings

Selling Points

  • Mathematically optimized string combinations, resulting in greater control and playing comfort

  • More consistent feel between strings for balanced bending, strumming, fretting, picking, plucking and slapping

  • Distinctive bright tone of XL nickel wound strings

  • Based on traditional gauges, but optimized for 'balanced tension' between strings

  • Models available include EXL110BT, EXL120BT, and EXL115BT for electric guitar and EXL170BT, EXL160BT, and EXL220BT for electric bass. 

Direct Competitors

Important Note:  Both of these sets are not mathematically calibrated to give you the balance that you get with Balanced Tension sets but they're noted for having a particularly balanced feel and represent the closest the industry had come prior to the Balanced Tension release in January of 2013.

  • SIT Paul Allen Signature Power Wound 

  • GHS Eric Johnson Signature

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • The development of Balanced Tension strings were driven by consumer demand for a set that fits particular needs within the market, specifically for bass players who are looking for an E and A string tension that matches their D and G strings.

  • Set up a Balanced Tension Testing station (see picture of Domestic POP kit below) and have customers A/B a Balanced Tension set with a Standard XL set

  • Marketing campaign designed to drive consumers to purchase, including print and online advertising, as well as a landing page on our fretted website with in-depth information, and artist and consumer testimonials.

BT media report - final.jpg
Balanced Tension Testing Station

Balanced Tension Testing Station

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