Promark Rods

Selling Points

  • When sticks are too loud and brushes are too quiet, Rods are just right.

  • Made of premium select birch dowels, these rods provide an excellent consistency and feel

  • A unique wrap near the neck provides a tight sound and improves durability

  • Sound is somewhere between a wire brush and a hickory drumstick

  • Perfect for an “unplugged” gig


  • C-RODS (Cool Rods)

    • 19 small dowels

    • more delicate sound than H-Rods

  • H-RODS (Hot Rods)

    • 19 medium dowels

  • L-RODS

    • 7 large dowels

    • offers more attack

    • increased projection

    • brighter cymbal sound

  • T-RODS

    • 7 extra-large dowels

    • ultimate in strength and durability

    • ideal for heaviest of hitters

Direct Competitors

  • Sound Percussion Multi Rods

  • Vic Firth Fixed Position Band Rute

  • Vater Heavy Splashstick

  • Zildjian Mezzo 1 Multi-Rods

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • If the person you’re dealing with is a drummer, it is good to ask them why they use Hot Rods. They will most likely answer “to play with less volume”, which is true, but the real reason to use Rods is for the different tones you can produce

  • Because they all produce different tones, drummers should have them all to completely expand their tone palette

  • If a dealer is only buying Hot Rods, they will generally expand on that success by adding Cool, Thunder and Lightning -- Great add-on sales

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