Evans Heavyweights

Evans Heavyweights are the most durable drumheads Evans has released to date. Both the EMAD Heavyweight bass and snare batter heads feature the new Level 360 Technology which will ensure better fit, easier tuning and an overall wider tonal range. These new heads are perfect for heavy hitters, boasting maximum durability without feeling unplayable. 

EMAD Heavyweight Bass Batter

Selling Points

  • Good for heavy hitters or players on a budget

  • The unparalleled industry standard Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping (EMAD) system allows the player to adjust attack and focus using the two interchangeable damping rings.

  • Maximum durability from two identical plies of 10mil film (total of 20mils)

  • Compressed attack is maximized by the identical films, while maintaining a wide dynamic range

  • Combination of films reduces frequency of motion, creating a pronounced low-frequency response with an accentuated attack

  • Two interchangeable damping rings maximize attack and low-end without having to remove the head or reach inside the drum (this means no more putting pillows inside or cutting holes in the drum head)

Direct Competitors

  • Aquarian Super Kick 10, Super Kick 2

  • Remo Powerstroke 4 (closest made by Remo, but not comparable)


EMAD Heavyweight Snare Batter

Selling Points

  • Good for heavy hitters or players on a budget

  • Maximum durability for heavy hitters from two identical plies of 10mil film and a 3mil reverse dot patch (total of 23mils)

  • Film combination creates compressed attack and a short sustain

  • Heavyweight reverse dot patch and Level 360 collar allows for a wider dynamic range, as opposed to thicker heads that often “choke out” due to their extreme mass

Direct Competitors

  • Remo Emperor X 

  • Aquarian Hi-Impact

Industry Reviews

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