Black Chrome Tom Heads

Selling Points

  • Power drummers no longer have to choose between great sound and long-lasting durability

  • Two-ply construction (7mil optically clear film over a 7.5mil black film) provides strong durability and sleek mirror-like appearance

  • Opposing films shortens sustain and provides accentuated mid/low frequency response for a punchy tone

  • 6-20” sizes for all toms or snare drums

Direct Competitors

  • Remo Controlled Sound Batter Head

  • Aquarian Response 2 Drumhead

  • Remo WeatherKing Clear Emperor Batter Drum Head

Success Stories and Pitches that Work

  • Ideal for Rock/Metal/Progressive drummers who hit hard and fast

  • Appealing to studio drummers (or any players who are recording), these heads already have a big sound and are essentially EQ'd to cut through the mix, meaning less work for the engineer  

  • When putting these on a demo or in-store kit, put them on a kit them on a bigger sized kit (on smaller toms they lose their thunderous sound that is so appealing)

  • Suggested resonant head: EC Resonant

Industry Reviews

Modern Drummer Review

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